Friday, November 19, 2010

sdeyh :((

the end of semester break...

tomorrow SATURDAY is my journey to KL
huhuhu..amat2 xde mood
tp kene blk jgk

mlm esok tdo kat my cousin punye cutie house
SUNDAY,ptg kot br msk kolej...
msti penuh debu2 n
kene kemas bilik lg

on MONDAY,my class for sem2 will begin
new class's name(M2)
new schedule(agak bez,agak lteh)
new classmate(girls still de same fren but guys all new all AHMAD)
new lctrr(juz for a few course)
new course(IMP)

bbye my loving & happy family

i will miss you all..
love ya!!
sbln lg aya blk plop...hehe
diz pict was taken time sent me to palam for the 1st day
*my litle bro not in dis pict

bbye encip Najib Syahidan

i will miss you forever n ever
take care
(sory,curi di pict in your fb)


--syg awk rindu awk cinta awk
--rase nak bawak jer dapur ke palam tp apekan daya
--awk mmg cinta haty sy
--comfirm sy akan rindu awk
--awk peneman stia sy dirumah
--sbln lg sy akan pulang ketemu awk
rindu awk :(((
(ni la sbb utama aku xnak blk palam..aku seksa di palam...
kdg2 aku mngis lau aku lapar esp wktu mlm..
law dirumah kul11 kul12 aku still msk..huhu)


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